"Isolated and on Edge" Trump Aides Growing Concerned

Of course they are.

This is a familiar alarm, and one we’re going to continue to hear until something drastic occurs. I shudder to think of how far things are going to have to go before the right people take notice.


According to Axios, aides and associates of President Trump are concerned that the man is coming apart at the seams.

Trump’s steady diet of cable news and bad press are putting him on the edge.

“Trump’s friends are increasingly concerned about his well-being, worried that the president’s obsession with cable commentary and perceived slights is taking a toll on the 71-year-old. ‘Pure madness,’ lamented one exasperated ally.”

Hilariously (at least, to me), the president has been particularly miffed over the defiance of Attorney General Jeff Sessions, who he has repeatedly insulted. Sessions apparently grew a little bit of a spine and pushed back, after Trump attacked him on social media last week, calling him “disgraceful.”

“Trump seethed with anger last Wednesday night over cable news coverage of a photo … by Axios, showing Sessions at dinner with Deputy Attorney General Rod J. Rosenstein, who oversees the Russia investigation, and another top Justice Department prosecutor.”

The outing, along with the released photo was seen as a show of solidarity, considering Trump’s attack’s against Sessions, Rosenstein, and all of the Justice Department.

Trump expected Sessions to act as his shield at the onset of the Russia probe, but instead, Sessions recused himself, to avoid the appearance of impropriety.

Unfortunately for Sessions, Trump doesn’t care about propriety. He cares about loyalty.

To him.

“The next morning Trump was still raging about the photo, venting to friends and allies about a dinner he viewed as an intentional show of disloyalty.”


Because he tells his Cabinet who they’re allowed to socialize with?

Yeah. He’s an idiot. And a wannabe dictator.

But mostly, an idiot.

Then, of course, there was the incident that I covered for you guys on Saturday night, where Trump mused to a group of donors at Mar-a-Lago about China’s Xi Jinping consolidating power for himself and ending term limits, basically making himself president for life.

Said Trump:

“Xi is a great gentleman. He’s now president for life. [Laughter, applause.] … No, he’s great. And, look, he was able to do that. I think it’s great. Maybe we’ll have to give that a shot someday.” [Laughter, applause.]

Trump’s loyalists are frozen, and incapable of showing outrage or alarm over a president that would think to openly praise a Communist leader or breath approval (even in jest) of taking power away from the people.

And I’m sure the laughter and applause from the country club set there at Mar-a-Lago was because they know it would never come back on them quite like it would the average, working class American.



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