Gun-Grabbing, Tariffs, and Drug Dealer Death Penalties (Who Did We Elect?)

America, what have you done?

There were so many of us screaming about the type of person Trump was, pointing to his history and warning that he couldn’t be trusted.


So when he suggested taking the guns of American citizens, with no due process – was that far enough?

Not for some devoted Trumpists.

Now he’s proposing a Smoot-Hawley brand of tariffs on steel and aluminum.

What could go wrong? I mean, the last time, it was only about 25 percent unemployment, right?

So much for that great tax reform bill, since any gains will soon be eaten up by the increased costs of living.

With all that, you’d think he’d reached his zenith, but nope. He’s still going.

He’s also hinting at enacting Singapore or Philippines-styled penalties for drug dealers.

Trump called for tough action against those who are dealing opioids. While he did not mention the death penalty specifically, Axios reported recently that Trump has privately been calling for the death penalty for drug traffickers.

“Some countries have a very, very tough penalty, the ultimate penalty,” Trump said Thursday.

“The answer is you have to have strength, and you have to have toughness,” he added.

To be clear, I’ve got an extremely negative view of drug dealers and the drug epidemic in this nation. I’ve seen too often how damaging drugs can be to families and communities.


That being said, when an American president begins drifting in the way of the lunatic president of Philippines, President Rodrigo Duterte, there’s a problem.

To date, there are around 12,000 deaths associated with Duterte’s war on drug dealers and users.

Last year, just a few months into his presidency, Trump invited the madman to the White House, and in a phone call, praised him for the good work he was doing with handling the drug problem.

What is going on in Duterte’s Philippines is extrajudicial killings and a human rights nightmare. And Donald Trump praised him.

So did Trump suggest anything in the caliber of what Duterte is doing? Not quite, but he’s too often expressed admiration for Duterte’s brutal methods, and that should worry everyone, especially in light of his comments about due process (he only seems to support it for wife beaters).


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