Trump Follows up Gun-Grabbing Wednesday With Trade War Thursday (Tariffs Hurt American Consumers)

And you probably thought gun grabbing and suspending due process for American citizens was the last, liberal bombshell that Trump would drop on us in a single week.


Yeah. You underestimate the man’s long history of liberal leanings and associations.

Some of you do. The rest of us knew it and warned you, long before the primary season was over.

On Thursday, Trump gave another middle finger to conservatives, and to the party that so eagerly made him their new face.

In a meeting today, the president suggested that he’d be imposing steep tariffs on steel and aluminum.

Trump said he will announce tariffs of 25 percent on imported steel and 10 percent on aluminum from all countries that send their metals to the United States, a decision sure to lead to retaliation by trade partners.

“We’ll be signing it next week. And you’ll have protection for a long time in a while,” Trump said, casting the effort as a way to protect U.S. producers during a meeting with 15 steel and aluminum industry executives.

“You’ll have to regrow your industries, that’s all I’m asking.”

SO, a trade war, it is.

And no, other, actual conservatives and Republicans are not pleased.

What this great new plan oozing from Trump’s best good brain threatens is increased taxes on American citizens.

It’s kind of like, “If you like your tax break, you can keep your tax break (but not really).”


And nobody is taking this announcement well.

The Dow Jones industrial average dropped more than 500 points after the news.

“Tariffs on steel and aluminum are a tax hike the American people don’t need and can’t afford,” Senate Finance Committee Chairman Orrin Hatch(R-Utah) said in a statement.

Senator Ben Sasse nailed it:

“Let’s be clear: The president is proposing a massive tax increase on American families,” he said.

“Protectionism is weak, not strong. You’d expect a policy this bad from a leftist administration, not a supposedly Republican one.”

Hey, Democrat Sherrod Brown is thrilled with this move.

The only items that will be affected are those that use steel or aluminum, so we should be good, right?

Industries that use steel and aluminum expressed deep concern about the move.

“These proposed tariffs on steel and aluminum imports couldn’t come at a worse time,” said Cody Lusk, president of the American International Automobile Dealers Association.

“The burden of these tariffs, as always, will be passed on to the American consumer,” Lusk said.

Brian Kuehl, executive director of Farmers for Free Trade, said the “announcement invites retaliation that we are deeply concerned will hurt American farmers.”

“These tariffs are very likely to accelerate a tit-for-tat approach on trade, putting U.S. agricultural exports in the cross-hairs.”


They’re panicking, right?

Obviously, they supported Obama and wanted Hillary to win.

Why don’t they want to make American broke great, again?

Roy Hardy, president of the Precision Metalforming Association and Dave Tilstone, president of the National Tooling and Machining Association, said the steep tariffs “imperils the U.S. manufacturing sector, and particularly downstream U.S. steel and aluminum consuming companies, who alone employ 6.5 million Americans compared to the 80,000 employed by the domestic steel industry.”

“The tariffs will lead to the U.S. once again becoming an island of high steel prices resulting in our customers simply importing the finished part,” Hardy and Tilstone said.

You know, we could probably blame all of this on the Deep State.




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