WATCH THIS: Former White House Aide Gets Physical With Reporter at CPAC

Former White House aide Sebastian Gorka made an appearance at CPAC, and according to a reporter from Mediaite, got a bit aggressive.

To be clear, the reporter might have been a bit of a snot in an earlier exchange on social media, but you don’t put your hands on someone in a situation like this. You walk away.


The reporter, Caleb Ecarma explains:

Ecarma says Gorka told him to “f––k off” and would not take any questions from him because he was “irrelevant.” Afterwards, Ecarma said security escorted him out of the area.

“I decided to ask him some questions in person, because we’re all about just asking questions at Mediaite,” Ecarma told the Washington Examiner.

In the video, you can see Gorka getting close in Ecarma’s face, and at one point, he places his hand on his shoulder and gives him a quick shove.

Again, to be fair, Ecarma may have needled the former aide at an earlier date, prompting the harsh feelings. He said that he had reminded Gorka of an earlier social media exchange.

“Seb Gorka illegally parked his s––y four cylinder Mustang on the sidewalk. Can’t even afford a 5.0 V8 GT. Sad!… Seriously tho what the hell is the point of buying a Mustang if it’s not a V8. Answer me coward @SebGorka,” Ecarma had tweeted.


I’d like to believe that was in jest. That’s how it reads, dumb as it is.

Ecarma said the Hungarian native emailed him regarding the tweet asking where he wanted to meet up. They never met up, but Gorka called Ecarma a lunatic and said he was “definitely saving this email.”

He claims Gorka also challenged him to a televised debate, but backed out on that, as well.

Why is Gorka even at CPAC? What can he possibly add?



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