Video of "Firm Second Amendment" Believer Goes Viral and We ALL Need to Pay Attention

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He’s so noble, or something.

He’s really got the right idea about the real threat, after the Parkland shooting.

His name is Scott Pappalardo, and his video is going viral, thanks to the help of mainstream media, who have rushed to make him the new poster boy for the anti-gun left.


The video was posted to his Facebook page, initially.

Pappalardo said he was a “firm believer in the Second Amendment” and has a tattoo of it, but added that “ultimately, it’s a gun like this one that takes away the lives.”

At some point, the camera cuts to what looks like a picture of a tattoo of a gun, close-up, so it may have been the tattoo of this “firm believer in the Second Amendment.” He was wearing long sleeves in the video and didn’t bother to roll them up to show off the tattoo, in the moment.

“So when do we change?” he asks in the video. “When do we make laws that say a weapon like this isn’t acceptable in today’s society?”

He sounds really, really dedicated to the Second Amendment, and the notion that more laws make us more safe, rather than less free.

Yes, if you felt a painful snap in your brain and now feel you’ve entered some sort of alternate time-space realm, you’re with the rest of us.

So if he’s so moved that the particular gun he was holding was somehow sentient and independently mobile, why not sell it?

“In the back of my head I say, ‘What if whoever buys this weapon, their child gets hold of it and brings it to school one day and shoots a bunch of people?’ Could I live with that? I don’t think I could,” Pappalardo said.

“So I’ve decided today that this weapon will never be used to take a life, the barrel of this gun will never be pointed at someone. I mean, think about it, is the right to own this weapon more important than someone’s life? … I don’t think so,” he continued.


This guy is such a Second Amendment advocate, that I’ll bet he knows all the relative facts behind the Amendment, like, it only applies to muskets, or for hunting.

“I can’t live knowing that my gun’s out there and it could one day possibly commit a horrific act like the other day in Florida,” he said, adding he hopes the video might cause others to do the same as him.

C’mon. Even this guy knows that the guns aren’t joining unions, mobilizing, and taking to the streets and schoolyards to commit atrocities.

As I suggested elsewhere, the guy apparently feels guns in his hands are a danger.

Because it’s not the gun. It’s the operator. No gun has ever killed without some person, whether the intent was lethal or not, involved.

If the fear is so great that Pappalardo felt making a video and putting it out to the world was necessary, then this firm believer in the Second Amendment is telling us something.

He’s telling us that he can’t be trusted with a firearm – not just that firearm, but any firearm. As such a Second Amendment stalwart, can we assume he has more guns? Does he realize a .38 Special will shoot someone just as dead? Can we look forward to more videos of this man destroying his guns? All of them?


I hope somebody in law enforcement was paying attention and caught this video. This was his cry for help, so oblige him.



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