Trump Spends the Weekend Talking to Experts on Gun Control

Donald Trump's Mar-a-Lago Resort

Along with a proposed 25 cent gas tax hike, $1 trillion infrastructure plan, and amnesty for illegals, Trump true-believers may soon have to tell us how gun control is a conservative ideal.


…But Hillary…

…But Obama…

…But Gorsuch…

There. I got your talking points out of the way for you. Now we can go on.

I’m making a prediction, here. Trump will approach the subject of gun control, now that there has been a horrific school shooting on his watch.

And no, it’s not because he’s particularly reflective. He spent the weekend after Nikolas Cruz went on a rampage at a Parkland, Florida high school Twitter-raging over the ongoing Russia probe and blaming the FBI for 17 deaths, due to their involvement in the probe.

No, after posing for pics with survivors and first responders in a Florida hospital, he went back to his lush Mar-a-Lago resort, surrounded by the people he has called his “real friends” and surveyed the rich and entitled on gun control.

Trump during the holiday weekend reportedly asked the members about whether or not he should take an active stance on gun control laws. He also told them that he was closely watching the media appearances made by student survivors of the shooting, according to the Post.

Student survivors called on Trump and lawmakers to take action on gun control in the wake of the shooting that left 17 people dead. Several survivors made appearances on Sunday morning shows.

The White House announced Sunday that Trump will host a “listening session” with students to discuss school safety measures.


If you want to make schools more secure, there are plenty of solutions. If you think a “listening session” is going to be anything more than a gun control session, then you are sorely out of touch.

And Trump, at some point, is going to bend on gun control. You’re not going to keep a lifelong liberal from his roots, for long.

Could it happen?

One Twitter user points out some uncomfortable truths about those who now support Trump and his convenient NRA love:

If you don’t think a flip back to the left could happen, think again.


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