Two Toadies Get Together to Slam the FBI, Hilarity Ensues

Ok. This was all kinds of funny.

Two of American Pravada’s (Fox News) most mindless Trump sycophants came together last night in a dual attack on our nation’s premiere law enforcement agency.


That would be the Federal Bureau of Investigation, who earned a black eye for their Florida field office’s failure to follow protocol and follow up on warnings about Parkland, Florida school shooter, Nikolas Cruz.

Jeanine Pirro appeared with Sean Hannity in a giddy condemnation of the entire bureau. The tragic event of Wednesday was the perfect political weapon in the hands of partisan toadies, who only exist to defend Donald Trump, at this point.

Hannity even went so far as to take news of the indictment of 13 Russians for meddling in the 2016 election as proof positive that the Russians were helping Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton.

Yeah, that’s not what that was about, Sean. That was an incredible, next-level twisting of reality, even for you.

But let’s get back to Pirro, the other unbearable twit in the mix.

If you want to grasp how unconcerned either of them were about the victims of the Parkland shooting, or getting to the bottom of what happened, her performance last night was stellar.

While railing against the FBI (not against Cruz), she couldn’t quite get the details of the case right.

That’s right. We need to know who Nicholas Cage is.

With all the pleasantness of nails-on-chalkboard, or munching tinfoil, Pirro screeched out a condemnation of the FBI for not knowing who the 54-year old star of “Con Air” and “Leaving Las Vegas” is, or how he came to be a school shooter.


Her unfortunate rant was quickly picked up by social media, with well-deserved mockery to follow.

All hilarious!

Pirro should take heart. Even if the FBI has dropped the ball, others are on the case.


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