Even "Fox and Friends" Host Wants to Know Why Trump Can't Publicly Condemn Domestic Violence (VIDEO)

When you’ve got members of Fox News, and in particular, “Fox & Friends” unwilling to carry water for President Trump over an issue, you know he’s gone far off course.


So is domestic abuse a bridge too far? Is Brian Kilmeade about to be excommunicated from the Church of Trump?

Don’t worry. He didn’t stray.

Rather, Kilmeade gave Trump a cushy lead in, so his spokesman could make the case that Trump has spoken out against domestic violence.

Reading from a piece in Axios, which stated that Trump “privately” condemns abuse, Kilmeade set the stage.

Deputy White House press secretary Hogan Gidley was appointed to bring all the propaganda that’s fit to spew to the American Pravda, Monday morning.

On tap for today was the weekend kerfuffle of White House staff secretary Rob Porter, a second staffer (speech writer David Sorensen), and the domestic abuse issues in their pasts that forced them to resign.

More specifically, Trump’s reaction to the news was wholly inadequate. He found a way to make the abusers out to be the victims.

This is not ok.

Kilmeade delivered the Axios piece, and prompted a response.

“Well, I don’t know if he is going to say that publicly or not. And I have not spoken with the president about this, but I can say, you know, we lean on a process here at the White House and quite frankly, as soon as we found out about this on Tuesday, by Wednesday Rob Porter was gone,” he said during the interview.

That’s not true.

The FBI found out about the abuse during a routine background check. It’s the reason Porter was unable to get full security clearance. White House counsel Don McGahn knew for at least a year. Reports are that White House Chief of Staff John Kelly knew for several months. When it was revealed that a British tabloid was about to drop the story, there was a scramble to defend Porter.


“The president has been very clear that all forms of abuse, all forms of battery against women, are horrible and disgusting.”

Kilmeade interjected: “But he hasn’t said that.”

No, he hasn’t. The man could have made a generic statement about domestic violence and still wished Porter well.

He didn’t do that. He heaped on the praise and all but called the accusers “liars.”

Gidley went on to assure the world that Trump totes hates wife beaters. For sure.

“You haven’t talked to him today,” Gidley said.

“I know for a fact I have talked to the president about issues surrounding this type of behavior, and he finds it disgusting.”

OH – Well, since he told you, then I guess we can relax, right?

I don’t know who this bouncing clown, Gidley is, or where he came from, but this is one more desperate, laughable attempt to defend something nobody should be trying to defend.




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