President Trump is Contradicting Himself on Health Coverage

It’s a drawback to having no actual beliefs or principles.

President Trump had the nerve to slam Democrats for their desire for a “universal health care” system.


I agree. Universal health care does not lead to more affordable health care. Instead, it pretty much overloads the system, resulting in subpar care, overcrowded waiting rooms and rationing. Something we truly can’t afford.

So yes, in this case, this is a Trump tweet that’s right on. It’s just that it’s a bit hypocritical coming from Trump, who has repeatedly called for universal health care.

From Axios:

“I’m a conservative on most issues but a liberal on health … We must take care of our own. We must have universal healthcare.”

Must have?

That was from 2000.

It’s not like his attitude evolved, in the subsequent 17 years.

From September, 2015:

“Everybody’s got to be covered … I am going to take care of everybody. I don’t care if it costs me votes or not.”

Everybody. Universal. He doesn’t care what you MAGAdooks think. You obviously can afford it.

So did taking office actually change anything?

“We’re going to have insurance for everybody,”

There’s that call for universal coverage, again. That was a year ago, in January 2017.


In May 2017, he made another remark that should stress actual conservatives a bit.

Trump told Malcolm Turnbull, the Australian prime minister, that “you have better health care than we do.” (Australia has a single-payer system.)

But today, he’s slamming Democrats.

Is it possible that he doesn’t grasp that the government paying for everybody to have coverage, at the expense of the taxpayers, is the same as universal health care?

Also, can the amount of actual taxpayers bear the burden of paying for everyone else to have health care?

Believe me, I’m all for everyone having access, but I’m not for the taxation that it would require to make that happen, nor am I for demanding doctors and other health professionals see all their schooling and efforts be tossed away to nothing.

We’re in a precarious position with our current system, thanks to that ill-advised piece of legislation known as the “Affordable” Care Act. Unfortunately, we don’t have leadership willing to hit reset, and the man at the top is as socialist as former President Obama, when it comes to that topic.

He just doesn’t realize it, nor do his supporters.






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