College Campuses Are Now All About Confronting "Toxic Masculinity"

Say, guys, have you checked your “toxic masculinity” today?

Just when I think there’s nothing the social justice warriors of our nation’s college campuses can do these days to make me cringe, I stumble across this Campus Reform article about Duke University’s “Men’s Project.”


As the article points out, Duke University is home to this so-called “Men’s Project,” and recently subjected their male students to take part in the effort to “destabilize masculine privilege,” as well as to clean up that toxic masculinity.

In a recent call for applications to join the nine-week program, the Duke Men’s Project touted itself as a “great way for men and masculine-of-center people on campus to engage with issues of gender equity on campus and beyond.”

Show of hands of the guys who consider themselves “Masculine-of-center.”

Any thoughts on what that looks like? What are the alternatives? Who determines the center?

The utter idiocy of this project should concern any parent with sons attending the college. I don’t care how good the basketball team is.

This is the third year for this group of simps, and of course, all the workshops are facilitated by Duke University Women’s Center (see: Gender studies), absolutely designed to make men hate themselves for being born male.

The courses paint a picture of males as being violent, oppressive, and natural-born rapists.

Not just some males. ALL males.

There were six events in 2017, with at least one of those events teaching that all men promote a rape culture.

The event, “HashtagAllMen: A Reflection on Men’s Complicity in Rape Culture,” claimed in the wake of the #MeToo movement that “it is important to reflect on how #AllMen create an environment in which rape culture is possible.”

“Though individual men may not be perpetrators of gender violence themselves, men’s everyday behaviors produce rape culture within society,” the event description explained.


That’s a broad brush and not even remotely possible to quantify. Why is it allowed on a college campus?

That’s because these little centers for indoctrination known as college have nothing to do with educating and growing the individual. The goal is to gather everyone into the collective, which also means obliterating natural differences.

And no, it wasn’t Stephen Paddock that shot 58 people in Las Vegas last October. It was “aggrieved white manhood” – the source of all mass violence in the world.

Entitled “You Mad, Bro? White Men, Aggrieved Entitlement, and Violence,” the event was facilitated by Matthew Ezzell, a James Madison University professor whose research focuses on “healthy masculinity,” interpersonal violence, and the sociology of gender.

Previously, during “Meme-o-logy,” students discussed “how ~power~ and ~privilege~ play out in internet spaces” and how “the same structures of oppression that happen IRL (in real life) are paralleled in online platform,” according to the event description.

These people really are going to leave that school in debt and totally unprepared for the real world.

Warning that the program is a commitment to be taken very seriously, the school takes about 15 recruits per semester.

Duke University is not alone in this insanity.


The University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, the University of Connecticut, Missouri State University, and Northwestern University is also in on this troubling anti-man kick.

The problem is, these are good schools, and parents send their kids there, thinking they’re going to learn something that matters. No one sends their son to college with the idea that he’ll emerge as an intellectual and social eunuch.

I’ve said this many times: They’re coming after our kids.

This is just one more front in the culture wars, and as easy as it is to read about this stuff and laugh, those who are influencing our young are quite serious.




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