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Counterterrorism analyst and CNN contributor Phil Mudd was not happy about the president’s remarks, where he referred to African nations and Haiti as “sh*thole countries.”


Nobody should be happy about that, although I know the red cappers are probably thrilled.

Trump made the comment earlier today during an immigration meeting, asking why we were taking in immigrants from what he considers to be “sh*thole countries,” and asking why we weren’t taking in more people from places like Norway.

I actually don’t think there’s a big rush of Norwegian immigrants, right now, but ok.

Back to Mudd, however.

So incensed was he, that he launched into a tirade, condemning the president’s callous words today, and began that tirade by saying, “I’m a proud sh*tholer!”

I promise you, that’s the first time that has ever been said on CNN.

He had a good point, however. He went on to name the home countries of immigrants from decades ago, who were considered to be from “sh*thole countries” at the time, but who have since gone on to prove to be valuable members of our society.


The White House is not denying the president made that vile reference. They’re writing it off as Trump’s “frustration” with the immigration process.

Frustrated or not, there’s no excusing using that kind of terminology about entire nations of people.

Yes. Some nations are broken and impoverished, but when you use such callous and vulgar terms to describe those nations, you also label the quality of people from those nations, and it’s not fair.

Mudd’s rant was completely warranted.

By contrast, who wants to gamble that Sean Hannity will have a chart tonight, featuring every insensitive slur from every liberal politician for the last 30 years, and will somehow link them all to Hillary Clinton?


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