Mitt Romney Secretly Handles Medical Scare

Before he launches his Senate bid in Utah, it appears former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney had some medical issues to sew up.

Multiple reports are now saying Romney was treated for prostate cancer over the summer. One source close to the governor says he was treated surgically at a hospital in California.


“His prognosis is good; he was successfully treated,” the source said.

That’s good to hear.

Romney has widely been regarded as a natural successor to Senator Orrin Hatch’s Senate seat, should the 83 year old senator decide to retire.

For some time, that was up in the air. President Trump – who apparently loathes Romney so much that he requested the RNC chairwoman, Ronna Romney McDaniel to cease using her family name – asked Hatch to run for reelection again, just to keep Romney from getting that seat.

Hatch announced last week that he intended to retire, and Romney changed his location on his social media pages from Massachusetts to Utah.


So now is the time for Trump to stop being a jackass. Romney is far more popular in Utah than Trump is.

Trump last week spoke over the phone with Romney — who has been a vocal critic of Trump in the past.

In the call, Trump wished Romney luck in his future endeavors.

Yeah. That sounds about right.

Governor Romney hasn’t officially announced his intention to run, but it’s a safe bet that we can get used to saying “Senator Romney.”


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