President Trump and His Awful, No Good, Terrible New Year's Eve


Or not. This is Donald Trump we’re talking about.

He could have ended 2017 on a high note. I mean, sure, the Russia probe is still a thing, as much as he’d like to see it go away, but the longer it goes on, the less likely it seems that Trump, himself, will be nabbed. We can’t say the same for those around him, but Trump may skate on all of this.


Then there’s the tax bill. It would have been better if some spending cuts had been put in place, but it’s still a win for him. Just let him be happy with that.

Nope. Not this arrogant clod.

It’s New Year’s Eve. Tomorrow ushers in a day of what should be new beginnings, and as a general rule, people are in a celebratory mood.

Trump should be thrilled. He jacked up the prices on his private party at his lush Palm Beach estate, Mar-A-Lago, to $750 per person, this year. He’s making bank.

So while normal, decent human beings are keeping up the civil tradition of wishing family, friends, those they meet on the streets, and across social media a simple, “Happy New Year,” Trump can’t even manage to do that without sounding like a jackass.

To be clear, he tweeted out an initial greeting, letting everyone see his “accomplishments,” because if it wasn’t for a toxic mix of arrogance and idiocy, the whole Trump essence would be lost.


The video wasn’t even necessary, but, ok.

He could have left it there and his fawning fan club over at Fox News and the entire red capped MAGA crew would have praised him for saving the New Year’s holiday.

He apparently thought better of it, or somebody left him unattended and in reach of his phone. The petulant man-baby couldn’t help himself.

He is deeply disturbed. He is uncivil, vile, and soul-corrupted on a level we’ve never seen from any American leader in many, many years. At least in my lifetime, I cannot remember a president leading from the absolute gutter of human depravity… and I lived through Bill Clinton.

But what do I know?

Me and my dumb principles and insistence that our leaders conduct themselves as men (and women) of self-control and moral character.

As you’re reading this, Rush Limbaugh is having that tweet woven into a tapestry to hang over his bed.


Franklin Graham and all the Trump “Christians” are somewhere saying, “AMEN!”

I’m about 99.9 percent positive Sean Hannity is having it tattooed on his butt, about now.

And to show this isn’t just a moment, this was his New Year’s Eve greeting on December 31, 2016:

The man is an unrepentant, shameless fool.

Let’s hope when he has his physical on January 12 that a neurological exam is part of it.



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