Breitbart, Bannon Distance Themselves From Paul Ryan Challenger

Yeah. This is publicity so bad, even a walking pustule like Steve Bannon sees the need to run fast as he can – in the opposite direction.

And yes, this is in keeping with the rolling back of the image of Steve Bannon as some great political influence peddler, rather than the overly ambitious rabble rouser that he is.


Mitch McConnell is probably laughing over this, as well.

The latest Bannon fail is Paul Nehlen, the would-be primary challenger to House Speaker Paul Ryan.

Nehlen has previously attempted to primary Ryan, only to lose by 68 points.

Nehlen, who has written pieces for Breitbart News and been an outspoken critic of the “GOPe,” as personified by Paul Ryan, in his opinion, has recently been in several questionable exchanges on social media.

Yeah. He’s come out of the closet as a true blue anti-Semite.

 Nehlen on Saturday tweeted an illustration showing three Christian crosses with signs reading “No it’s not,” “It’s okay to be white,” “No it’s not.” The cross in the middle of the image represents Jesus Christ.

Nehlen then shared Tuesday that he is reading “The Culture of Critique,” a book about Jewish involvement in political movements that is considered by many to be anti-Semitic.

Nehlen has made controversial statements in the past, including when he told a New York Post columnist earlier this month to “eat a bullet,” after the writer told him his brain needed nourishment.


For Bannon and Breitbart News, this is a nightmare.


Bannon has vowed to rout the establishment GOP from their seats with primary challengers, and Nehlen was one of his chosen.

Just like Roy Moore.

This new revelation about Nehlen’s true character is pretty much the confirmation of who (or what) Democrats have been saying about the alt-right. That’s the image Bannon has been denying.

And now it’s time to cut bait and bail.

“Nehlen is dead to us,” Arthur Schwartz, a Bannon adviser, told CNN on Wednesday regarding Wisconsin congressional candidate Paul Nehlen (R).

“We don’t support him,” Breitbart editor Joel Pollak tweeted late Tuesday. “He’s disqualified himself.”

You mean you guys had no idea when you threw in behind him?

After Roy Moore, and now Nehlen, Bannon’s trajectory may not be as straight up as he’d envisioned.





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