Note to Nehlen: You Can't Defend Racism

OH… He’s really endearing himself to all the right people, isn’t he?

The “he” I’m referring to is Paul Nehlen, primary challenger to House Speaker Paul Ryan.

The last time Nehlen challenged Ryan he lost by 68 points, but he apparently considers himself the little engine that could.


You know, if the engine was a freakin’ neo-Nazi and was chugging its way to the nearest death camp.

Nehlen has pretty much come out of the white supremacist closet, lately, accusing one Twitter user recently of being a Jew, pretending to be white, in order to cause whites to trip up.

On Saturday, he tweeted out this gem:

He found this at 4Chan, a site pretty much infested with neo-Nazis and white nationalists.

The tweet drew immediate criticism, but on Sunday, Nehlen defended himself, saying:

“Jesus is my Savior. I’m filled with the Holy Ghost,” he tweeted in response to a critic on Sunday. “I say you are wrong.”

I wouldn’t count on that, buddy.

In fact, I’d say he’s about as far away from being Holy Ghost filled as it can get.

He told a New York Post columnist earlier this month to “eat a bullet,” after the writer told him his brain needed nourishment.

And as for addressing the man whose position he’d like to claim:

He accused Ryan of having “hijacked this great country of ours” during the 2016 race and has expressed support for a surveillance program for Muslims in the U.S.


That may go over awesome on 4Chan, but it’s really not viable in a decent, free society.

I’m sure he’s got Ryan shaking in his shoes, though.

I’ll say it’s particularly vile when people like Nehlen try to insert Jesus into their racism.



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