According to Fox News, Democrats Have Already Chosen Their Candidate for the 2020 Election

The mind-numbing loyalty to the state continued on Fox News Friday night.

I have to wonder if they’re making the ludicrous statements they make out of a true belief, or if they’re coerced and hoping somebody will come to save them, at this point.


Let’s all start watching for odd twitching or other facial tics from the Fox News personalities. They might be signaling for help.

It was Jesse Watters again, this time.

While covering for Laura Ingraham on her Fox News program, Watters suggested that special counsel Robert Mueller was the Democrats’ 2020 candidate.

Specifically, he said the hope of Mueller uncovering something damning against Trump in his ongoing probe into Russian interference and possible collusion or obstruction is the only way Democrats could wrest the presidency from Trump’s hands in 2020.

Said Watters:

“It seems like Mueller’s basically the Democrat candidate for president,” Watters said. “He’s the only person that can stop Donald Trump’s reelection. And the Democrats are putting all their eggs in the Mueller basket and if he clears everybody else after this, they have nothing!”

I’ll agree that for Democrats, this is politics. Of course they’re hoping something is there that can be turned to a 2020 win for them.

That shouldn’t suggest that there hasn’t been reason for Mueller’s investigation, because there is, and much of it was brought on by Trump’s own, inept behavior.


Watters went on to ridicule Democrats who defend the probe, pointing to a recent floor speech by Democrat Rep. Ted Lieu.

Lieu warned that if Trump fired Mueller, it would kick off impeachment proceedings.

The White House has repeatedly denied reports that the president was considering firing Mueller.

Watters used an amazing sports analogy, in order to explain Republican attacks on Mueller and the investigation.

“This is just Republicans working the refs. I mean, you know, when a coach yells at the officials and next time they maybe get a better call,” Watters said Friday.

In other words, intimidate Mueller.

I really don’t see that happening. He didn’t let a sore foot and a rich daddy keep him from serving and defending his country.

“I don’t think there’s anything wrong with criticizing the Mueller investigation if something’s wrong,” he added. “Evidence of blatant anti-Trump bias by investigators isn’t justification for questioning the probe? You kidding me?”

Evidence of personal opinions on politics.

There. I fixed it for you, Jesse.

He’s grasping at straws, as are all those who would rather not know if we have a man sitting in the White House with ties to a hostile foreign government.


Personally, I’m not 100 percent convinced that Trump did anything treasonous in the run up to the election. My problem is that he’s old, mentally and intellectually stunted, and just corrupt enough to fall in with others who are treasonous and mercenary.

He’s got a dirty history and a selfish nature. He’s easily twisted by flattery, which makes him the perfect puppet for a man like Vladimir Putin.

Enough has already been uncovered about those he’s surrounded himself with, that everyone, regardless of party, should want to see this investigation carried completely out. This is no longer about winning elections, but about national security.

At least, it should be.



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