Suffolk University Poll Delivers the Latest Bad News to the Trump Presidency

U.S President Donald Trump listens as Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas, right, makes a statement, Tuesday, May 23, 2017, in the West Bank City of Bethlehem. Standing alongside Abbas, Trump said an agreement with Israel could "begin a process of peace all throughout the Middle East." (AP Photo/Evan Vucci)

When you lose Fox News viewers…

The numbers coming from a new Suffolk University poll are bad for President Trump.

I mean, an ugly kinda bad.

I didn’t actually think anyone was left watching Fox News, other than Trump loyalists and red cappers.


Apparently, Fox isn’t doing enough to spin the Trump message.

Or maybe they’re doing too much.

Either way, those who count themselves as Fox News viewers are not responding positively.

 Trump’s favorability rating has dropped 32 points between June and December among respondents who said they trust Fox over any other news network. In June, the number was 90 percent, and in December, just 58 percent, according to the data first reported by the Washington Post.

In June, 40 percent of all voters said they view Trump favorably compared to just 34 percent in December.

So Trump’s favorability continues in its nosedive.

The president routinely attacks news media, but not Fox. Fox is unwavering in their loyalty, and as a result, Trump has appeared on the network over a dozen times since taking office.

Maybe a few less visits to have his shoes tongue bathed, and a bit more time spent working on issues that matter to Americans.


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