Trump to Alabama Voters: "I Told You So"

Just call him Trump – the Great Prognosticator.

If you’re looking for comfort over another red state going seemingly blue last night, you’re not going to get that from the leader of the party. Nope. What you’re going to get from President Trump is a lot of “I told you so.”


Trump took to Twitter hours after Roy Moore’s loss to Democrat Doug Jones, and as always, it wasn’t his fault.

That’s right. The reason he went for the Mitch McConnell-establishment pick was because of the general election.

Of course, there was Mo Brooks, who not only was not specifically establishment-approved, but could have held the seat for Republicans.

Multiple Republicans urged Moore to drop out of the race, but Trump endorsed him despite the allegations. Trump also recorded a robocall for the former judge, ripped Jones on Twitter and urged supporters at a campaign rally last week to “get out and vote for Roy Moore.”

That, along with multiple tweets to push out the vote for Moore, and to no avail.

The bigger picture that needs to be examined is the power of Bannon and Trump to influence voters.

Trump took Alabama handily in 2016 (by a  63% to 35% vote count). His endorsement did nothing to pull Moore over the finish line.


Bannon thinks of himself as a “kingmaker,” yet, who knew his rally in Alabama just days ago, where he took shots at “outsiders” trying to control Alabama politics (no irony there) would have no effect on the outcome, either?

Both have lost big in Alabama, the reddest of red states. The Bannon mystique, for sure, is over. His voice and all his scheming came crashing down in one, inglorious flameout, last night.

This marks the first time in around 25 years that Alabama has voted a Democrat into the Senate.

The argument can be made (easily) that Moore was just a really awful candidate. Not only did the accusations of inappropriate contact with minors hurt him (although not as much as some may think), but some of the people he was sending out to speak on his behalf were horrendous, and likely harmed him more than they helped.

People will be talking about this for weeks. Just don’t try and blame Trump, however.

Because he told you so.


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