Abandon Hope, Christmas Warriors! The Battle Is Lost!

Because he’s a hypocrite and he can’t keep his BS rhetoric straight.

That’s right. Like so many other broken campaign promises, Trump is now going back on his promise to fight the treacherous war on Christmas.


He declared that we would win this war to end all culture wars. He, in fact, has declared the battle over, yet, it seems our fearless yuletide warrior has abandoned the troops to be torn apart and ravaged by the grinches of the world.


If only we had a faithful messiah to make Christmas mean something, again.

Oh… wait… what about… nnaaahhh.

I mean, I feel so betrayed!

The very foundation of Christianity, and for our nation, the freedom of religious worship hinged on two little words: Merry Christmas.

Don’t believe it?

Even Franklin Graham fell prostrate, giving breathless praise to our savior, Donald Trump, for making it possible for us to say “Merry Christmas” again.

It’s been so long. A whole year, as a matter of fact, since we’ve been able to say those words.

And now we’re back in the wilderness.


While speaking in Utah, at the state capitol today, it took less than 10 seconds into his speech for the president to forget his Christmas promise.

In his opening statement, Trump uttered, “…and also, happy holidays, and a great new year.”

No Merry Christmas? This is the most important issue facing Christianity, according to Trump, Franklin Graham, and the Trump version of Christians. It’s the most important issue and the first chance he got, he abandoned the fight.

Watch for yourself.

That’s pretty weak. And hypocritical. And not Christian.

Because he’s not a Christian.


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