UH-OH: So What Was Behind Illinois Rep. Luis Gutierrez's Retirement Announcement?

Well, you had to know he wasn’t just slithering away.

Actually, the first thought that popped into my mind, upon hearing earlier this week that Rep. Luis Gutiérrez would not be running for reelection was, “So what’s her name and how bad was it?”


Sorry. Just a reflex reaction to the crazy point in history we seem to be dealing with.

It’s actually much worse.

He’s launching a presidential bid.

In an interview with Politico, the rabid, open borders lunatic said:

 “I will be reaching out to people across the country,” he told Politico. “I am going to take the steps to guarantee [Federal Election Commission] regulations and rules about campaign financing, first and foremost, make sure I’m following the law …  I want to build something national.”

Sure. Now he cares about the law, but cite on-the-books laws, regarding immigration and border control and he goes all Outlaw Jesse James on us.

The Illinois congressman has stressed his feelings that Democrats didn’t do enough to cater to the immigrant communities during the 2016 election, and he’s pretty sure he can speak the language that gets them to turn out in 2020 to vote blue.

As for his vacant seat in Congress, he’s apparently got a plan for that, too.

Gutiérrez has held his seat since 1993, and his political ally Cook County Commissioner Jesús García has agreed to run for his vacant House seat.


He’s also planning to gather up his wife and tour the country on a so-called “listening” tour, just to gauge the enthusiasm of voters to see him as their Democrat nominee.

“We’re going to talk, and I’m going to hear,” he said. “Maybe there’s a lot of enthusiasm for it. Maybe in six months I’ll come back and say, no.”

He’s certainly the kind of lawless radical that the “woke” generation goes for. Maybe he’s got a fair shot at the nomination.

Unfortunately, he’s only 64. He’ll be 66 in 2020.

He’s a little young for the DNC. Maybe if he gets a waiver from Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders, they’ll let him toss his hat in the ring.


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