Speaking of Geraldo, This Video Clip May Be the Beginning of HIS Avalanche

As Caleb pointed out earlier, Fox News executives are probably popping a lot of antacids tonight, after Geraldo Rivera gave a truly cringeworthy defense of Matt Lauer.


If you missed it, here is the man’s insane defense of what is absolutely indefensible behavior, on the part of Lauer.

I mean, seriously, he would get women into his office, lock the door with a button he kept under his desk, and in at least one case, dropped his pants and expected to be “serviced” right there.

That’s not “flirty,” you twisted old fruit. That’s criminal harassment.

Given Geraldo’s comments, some have suggested that he’s acting like a man who might have a few skeletons in his own closet.


Maybe he does.

Someone thought to present this old Barbara Walters interview clip, where Bette Midler told of an incident involving a hot young reporter, Geraldo Rivera, and his producer, back in the 70s.

That’s assault.

Would this one incident be enough to sink him? Will more come forward?

It’s hard to say, but given the events of the last few weeks, no one should be surprised if they do.


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