Newly Unsealed Documents Detail Trump's Labor Lawsuit Payoff

So does anyone remember the story of Trump and the illegal Polish workers from the 90s?

The story was out there, but in the mountain of unscrupulous dealings from Trump – Mr. “America first” – it seems to have been pushed back.


Now, the details of that case are coming to light, after a 2016 motion filed by Time Inc., and the Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press sought to have documents involving the case unsealed.

The case involved Polish construction workers, brought in illegally in 1980 to demolish the Bonwit Teller building in Manhattan, in order to make way for the construction of Trump Tower.

They were paid $4 an hour, and worked without even the most basic safety equipment, such as gloves, masks, or hard hats.

Trump often boasts about jobs for Americans first, but from his history and into the present, he’s shown how willing he is to cut Americans out of work and use cheaper, foreign workers when it benefits him.

Whether it was these Polish workers in 1980, or the foreign workers he vies for every year to come in and work at his Mar-a-Lago resort.

Back to those Polish workers, despite Trump’s boasts about his record with lawsuits and how he never settles, he had to pay out a tidy sum.

 Trump paid $1.375 million to settle the case, with $500,000 going to a union benefits fund and the rest covering lawyers’ fees and expenses. The case was settled in 1998.


This was backbreaking work, and by the accounts of those on the job, the Polish workers were frightened illegal immigrants, unaware of their rights, and often the butt of jokes by the union workers who were getting paid much more for the work they were doing.

It’s just one more piece to the puzzle that is Donald Trump.

For those who haven’t yet, I do recommend checking out the BBC documentary, “Meet the Trumps” on Netflix. It covers a lot of the background that went into making a Donald Trump, and none of these salacious tales come as a surprise, once you hear how the man was raised.



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