Monstrous Woman Tweets out Racist Hate, and You Won't Believe What She Does for a Living

Vile. Racist. Disgusting.

They all apply, and somebody needs to answer for it.

I’m speaking of a monstrous, hateful tweet put out by someone named Taiyesha Baker, under the name, “Night Nurse,” and it reportedly links her to Indiana University Health.



As the mother of a son who is nothing like what this black-hearted beast describes, I can’t even begin to voice how infuriating this is.

After being contacted, IU Health confirmed that, indeed, this creature is a registered nurse at one of their health facilities, but they wouldn’t go as far as to say which one (I can only imagine why).

“IU Health is aware of several troubling posts on social media which appear to be from a recently hired IU Health employee,” the hospital said in a statement. “Our HR department continues to investigate the situation and the authenticity of the posts. During the investigation, that employee (who does not work at Riley Hospital for Children) will have no access to patient care.”

Notice how they brought up Riley Hospital? It’s because these hateful woman has mentioned in other tweets (all deleted, now) that she worked in Pediatrics.

You know, sick kids, some of them possibly white males, have been entrusted to her care.

Can you imagine taking your sick child in and finding out that someone this despicable was to be his nurse?

I’m not sure how long this person has been working, but her most recent nursing license was issued on October 30.


The @tai_fieri account has been deleted. A new account with a different user seems to be up and running now, however.

We honestly can’t point at the alt-right and the white nationalists and claim they have cornered the market on hate, when monsters like Baker exist.

Some on Twitter are now claiming that she has lost her job.

That’s not enough.

She felt comfortable enough to reveal her attitude towards part of the community she serves and that tells us several things:

For one, she’s not very bright. She put the ugliness of her heart out for the world to see, and apparently felt comfortable doing it.

Secondly, if she truly feels that way, what she displayed was so hateful that it borders on psychopathy. She can’t be trusted in such a delicate position, where the risk is there to allow that hate to bubble up to the surface, during the course of her job.

She should never be able to hold a nursing license again.



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