Al Franken Continues His Apology Tour

``Saturday Night Live'' veteran Al Franken, shown in this 1994 photo, who helped create such classic ``SNL'' bits as the ``Final Days'' skit featuring Dan Aykroyd as a wigged-out President Nixon, is on the outside looking in at this season'srevamped show. ``I certainly still have warm feelings for everybody over there. Except for the ones I don't know. Which is pretty much everybody,'' said Franken, as he stopped by to watch the new season's first show. Franken is best known to recent television viewers as self-help expert Stuart Smalley on ``SNL.'' (AP Photo/File, Dennis Cook)

Show of hands of everybody who thinks Senator Al Franken should be drummed out of his Senate seat, due to his horrendous behavior with women…

Yes. I’ve got both hands up now (not literally… I’m typing… but mentally, they are so up).


I guess we’re all out of luck. Franken, who got proven for the smug hypocrite we all knew he was last week, when not one, but 4 different women came forward to accuse him of highly inappropriate touching, is signaling that he’s going to burrow in like a tick and hope he hasn’t groped anyone else at a county fair.

At least one incident was before he ran for office. One incident happened while he was campaigning for office. The last two were while he was a sitting U.S. senator.

In a Sunday interview, the newly-remorseful Franken (weird how they all get religion after they’re exposed), laid it out.

“I’m embarrassed and ashamed. I’ve let a lot of people down and I’m hoping I can make it up to them and gradually regain their trust,” Franken told The Star-Tribune in a Sunday phone interview.

“I’m looking forward to getting back to work tomorrow,” Franken said.

I’ll give it to Franken. While others who have been charged with being the absolute cads they are get all defensive and stumble all over themselves in the process, Franken is mewling and subdued, hoping that offering up his belly will be enough to get him off the hook.


Then he’s playing turtle and hiding his head in his shell.

Of those who said he grabbed their bottoms during photo-ops (at least one being at an event to honor women… gee whiz), you must know that you were just another butt in the crowd.

“I don’t remember these photographs, I don’t,” Franken told the paper. “This is not something I would intentionally do.”

Dude, if you grabbed somebody’s butt, it was intentionally. It’s not something you accidentally do, so get it straight.

We can expect Franken to continue on with this pathetic display of faulty memory and fake remorse, at least until the next crop of women hit the news.

Until then, what happens to him could be up to the Minnesota voters and the next election.



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