Drexel University to Launch New Training Program Designed to Drag Us Further Into Insanity

In this photo taken June 6, 2015, Andii Viveros, 21, of Davie, Fla., applies makeup as she prepares to host the annual Sun Serve LGBTQA Colors of the Wind youth prom in Fort Lauderdale, Fla. Viveros, who identifies as a transgender female, said she was always different from an early age growing up as a boy. Her parents accepted her to be anyway she wanted to be. She fought for her rights in high school, sometimes violating the school's code of conduct by wearing dresses. She was elected prom queen in high school and is now studying sociology in college. (AP Photo/Lynne Sladky)

Because the lunatics are running the asylum.

Drexel University’s College of Medicine has announced a Transgender Fellowship Training Program, to take place at their teaching college, Hahnemann University.


Nope. They’re not training competent psychiatrists and counselors to deal with the deeply disturbed individuals that believe cosmetic surgery is the cure to all their emotional dysfunction.

They’ll be training up more medical doctors to go all mega-slap chop on the beans and franks of guys who think they can be girls, and other such nonsense.

According to a publication from the Philadelphia-based paper, The Inquirer, Hahnemann initiated the Transgender Surgical Program last year. The program, under the leadership of cosmetic surgeon Kathy L. Rumer, has already performed more than 400 sex reassignment surgeries, according to officials from Hahnemann.

“These are complex procedures, so we want to ensure patients have access to compassionate, capable surgeons who can help make their transitions successful,” Rumer stated.

“Hahnemann University Hospital prides itself on being a pioneer in medical research and advancement,” Hahnemann CEO Michael P. Halter explained. “Creating a Transgender Fellowship Training Program is the next chapter in continuing a legacy of excellence.”

Like I said, they’re training doctors to be liars, giving over to the corrupted moral base that would rather cover over the emotional and mental upset that results in gender dysphoria, rather than to truly examine the root cause of the mental abnormality and work to fix that.


Those medical students that want to learn to be well-paid liars must first practice residency in plastic surgery or urological surgery.

What? Nothing to do with plumbing?

Jess Ting, director of surgery, as well as the surgical fellowship director for the Center for Transgender Medicine and Surgery at Mount Sinai in New York (all that means she’s a well-trained mercenary, grifting mentally troubled individuals for years) went on some self-righteous rant about the “historical ignorance” regarding the concept of such a program.

“This specialty has been the illegitimate child of American medicine for many decades,” Ting expressed. “It existed on the fringes of ‘accepted medicine,’ and for many years no respectable hospital would allow transgender surgery to be done on its premises.”

Yes, because doctors that legitimately care about the health and well-being of their patients know that a cosmetic fix for what is a deep emotional wound is like painting over dirt. It doesn’t work for the long term. The suicide rates for transgenders is stunning.

If we put aside that this is an absolute abomination and perversion of nature, you’re still left with the fact that those who push transgender surgery as a legitimate procedure are doing so because it keeps their wallets fat. They don’t care what happens to their patients, once the checks clear.


Ting continued:

“The barriers, like social acceptance of being transgender, and the legitimacy of having gender-conforming surgery has all changed in recent years,” Ting added.

Because a complicit media and well-compensated politicians have battered us with a carefully-crafted PR onslaught. Likewise, they’ve inundated our youth with the lie.

And let’s be clear, getting liberals onboard with something so callous and cynical only takes telling them that this is against the natural mores and conservative Christian beliefs. As a general rule, liberals are only slightly more cognizant than Pavlov’s dog. Their conditioned responses to those things that are offensive to traditional values are highly predictable.

The campaign seems to be working, unfortunately. Transgender surgeries have increased nearly 20 percent, this year alone.

Truly, we need to address the mental health issues plaguing this nation, but it becomes much more difficult when the medical community is unwilling to let go of the profits they reap from catering to the madness, rather than treating it.


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