Lest We Forget, Trump Reminds Us: "DONALD TRUMP MADE THIS HAPPEN!"

This is not healthy.

This is not rational.

This is not sane, nor is it 53rd degree, underwater, blindfolded chess.

And yes, I realize there are Trumpidian adherents who will see President Trump’s early morning Twitter flameout and will fall to their knees, weeping and overcome with joyous emotion, as they hear Pavarotti’s “Ave Maria” playing faintly in the background.


Those of us outside the compound walls just hear the sickening crunch and crash of a once-great nation toppling and folding in on itself.

Our president is an unhinged maniac.

And no, Hillary wouldn’t have been better, nor would I have preferred her. This isn’t where I should have to say for the millionth time that I found both of our main choices from the 2016 election to be horrible and unworthy of my vote, but since I know the routine so well by now, there it is.

So what has me reaching for the migraine meds this morning and comforting myself with the fact that this world is only temporal to our greater existence?

It’s the drama that does not need to be, between Trump and LaVar Ball, father of one of the UCLA basketball players (LiAngelo Ball) recently released from detention in China for shoplifting.

A week ago, Trump used his Twitter platform to openly wonder if he would be thanked for their release.

Indeed, the three young men did hold a press conference and they did thank the president for getting them home.

That should have been the end of it. Trump wanted to be acknowledged. He was. Finished.

Unfortunately, Daddy Ball, a notorious self-promoter offered his own commentary shortly after, making light of Trump’s efforts to get his son home.


It was ignorant and unnecessary. Your kid is home. Be happy with that.

He didn’t, however, and Trump took the bait, lashing out and declaring that he should have left the young men in China.

Yes, a sitting U.S. president suggested that if he didn’t receive honor and glory, then he should have left three U.S. citizens in detention in a despotic regime.

Of course, that took things to a new level, and on Monday, Ball appeared on CNN to talk about the war of words with Trump.

“If you help, you shouldn’t have to say anything,” Ball said in an interview with CNN’s Chris Cuomo. “Somebody told me about the tweet a couple days ago … why is that on your mind? All this stuff going on, and that’s on your mind, that a father didn’t say thank you? And you’re the head of the U.S.? Come on.”

“Let him do his political affairs, and let me handle my son, and let’s just stay in our lane,” Ball said.

He’s actually making a lot of sense, here.

Scratch that.

He’s making a lot of sense to a person with a healthy psychological makeup.

Trump apparently just got wind of that particular interview, so he was up and ready to rant, bright and early Wednesday morning.


Did anybody else read that and hear Powers Boothe’s voice, as the Reverend Jim Jones, from the 1980 movie about the Guyana Tragedy, as he declared to his soon-to-die followers, “JIM JONES MADE THIS HAPPEN”?

Sure. Just replace that with, “DONALD TRUMP MADE THIS HAPPEN!”

And Dear Leader wasn’t done.

I don’t think Neil Cavuto is going to address this again, so I’ll do it for him.

The last time I checked, you were the president, man, so act like it!

Seriously, did he think the presidency would be 24/7 parades and an adoring public from coast-to-coast?

No. He just didn’t think it would get this far. In Trump’s vision, by this time his TrumpTV venture would be off the ground and gaining dividends through his adoring MAGA crew, as he used the network to push cheaply made, overpriced ball caps, sell chemtrail protection insurance, and showcase weekly conspiracy theories.


The man is unfit for the office he holds. He is emotionally and intellectually unstable. At some point, there is going to be a reckoning for primary voters, and the GOP shot callers that blocked the attempts to save us all on the convention floor in Cleveland in July 2016.

In the meantime, we’re stuck with this walking nightmare of incompetence and lunacy. Don’t look for me to be quiet about it.

I’m just telling it like it is.



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