Steve Bannon's War on Republicans Loses Him a Major Supporter

Apparently, Steve Bannon’s alt-right crusade is beginning to rub people the wrong way.

According to a new report, a former Bannon backer, wealthy GOP donor, Sheldon Adelson, has had enough, and is pulling his support for Bannon and Bannon’s pet projects.


Adelson, disturbed at Bannon’s arrogant declaration of war on incumbent Republicans, now supports Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell.

From Politico:

“The Adelsons will not be supporting Steve Bannon’s efforts,” said Andy Abboud, an Adelson spokesman. “They are supporting Mitch McConnell 100 percent. For anyone to infer anything otherwise is wrong.”

The public pronouncement comes about a month after Adelson met with Bannon in Washington.

Bannon’s people are now saying they didn’t expect support from Adelson, due to his past support for establishment causes.

That, of course, didn’t stop Bannon, who has been trying to gather support from major supporters to back his plans, from speaking at the Zionist Organization of America’s dinner, and heaping praise on Adelson.

Adelson funds ZOA.

Bannon also referred to himself as a “Christian Zionist” during the dinner, which is absolutely loathsome, given what an abusive, un-Christlike individual he’s proven himself to be.

Bannon had been slated to introduce Adelson and his spouse, Miriam, at the event, according to a copy of the program. The Adelsons, however, did not make it to the event, one person close to the couple said — in part because Adelson was concerned that appearing publicly with Bannon would be seen as a tacit endorsement of his efforts.

At a time when Bannon is drawing headlines for his anti-incumbent push, several people close to Adelson said they had grown concerned about a perception that he was closely allied with the bombastic former White House aide.


Bannon is out to prove that he’s not anti-Semitic, even given his status as the cult leader of the alt-right and white nationalists. It was ZOA who defended him in a news release last month.

“We are proud and fortunate to have Steve Bannon on our side fighting for Israel and against anti-Semitism,” the release said. “And we’re honored that he will be a speaker at ZOA’s 2017 Gala where he will be introducing Dr. Miriam and Sheldon Adelson, the greatest pro-Jewish Zionists on the face of the planet.”

I don’t understand this rush to support Bannon. I can only assume it’s politics, and this perception that he has the president’s ear.

And he may very well have Trump’s ear, but it doesn’t look like he will have Adelson’s money, anymore.


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