GOOD! It Looks Like Federal Charges for Rand Paul's Attacker (Video)

This is excellent news!

Since last weekend’s violent, unexplained attack on Senator Rand Paul – and attack that left him with 6 broken ribs, a pleural effusion, and in a lot of pain – it has really bothered me that his attacker was given a slap on the wrist.


Rene Boucher, a retired 59-year old doctor, was charged with fourth degree assault, given a $7,500 bond, and his lawyer has pushed the entire case as a minor squabble between neighbors, over landscaping disputes.

Nothing about the scenario as it was being originally presented in the media made sense.

On Wednesday, news began to leak that neighbors were scoffing at the original reports of “landscaping disputes” and were telling another story.

For starters, they all say the Pauls were great neighbors, and that the senator kept his lawn impeccable (One even remarked that he wished he could get the senator to do his lawn).

What we do know is that Boucher was a rabid, liberal Democrat (his Facebook page was full of anti-Trump rhetoric).

And what we now also know is that Senator Paul was mowing his lawn, had stepped off of his riding mower, with earplugs in, and was hit from behind by Boucher in an unprovoked, blindside attack.

Shouldn’t there be some special significance given to violent attacks on public servants?

Well, it seems that the fruity story that was promoted initially has begun to unravel, and things have picked up.



It’s about time. I just wonder why it took a week, and why there was such a weak story put forth, to begin with.

An aide to the senator described the attack as a “blindside” and a “violent attack by a disturbed person,” disputing rumors that the assault resulted from an argument over landscaping.

And there needs to be a message sent for all these “disturbed persons.”

Senator Paul was actually present at the ballfield back in June, when another crazed liberal opened fire on a baseball practice, seriously injuring Congressman Steve Scalia.

Until we can pass laws legislating the use of rabid liberals in public, we need to at least see harsh punishments against those who feel they can harm those they disagree with, politically.


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