Big, Wonderful Changes Coming to Twitter

I feel like they just saved my life!

Ok. I’m just being equal parts dramatic and silly.

For those (like myself) who felt rather spurned when social media giant Twitter conducted its experimental 280 character limit back in September, offering the extra characters to only a select few, rejoice!

Twitter has announced that they will be offering 280 characters to everyone, as part of its new model.

 According to research Twitter conducted, just 1 percent of the 280-character limit tweets hit the new max.

So 280 characters seems to be a good start, eh?

If you’re Japanese, Korean, or Chinese, no extra characters for you.

According to Twitter:

“In fact, these languages have always been able to say more with their Tweets because of the density of their writing systems,” Twitter explained in a post.


I’ve found that trying to compress words to fit the 140 character limit has led to quite a few misunderstandings. Doubling that number should give the good Tweeps of Twitterville a bit more freedom to express, and hopefully, to deliver more accurate, understandable messages.

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