Trump Wants to Thank Trump for All the Good Work Trump Is Doing

Seriously, guys. When are we going to stop acting like this is normal behavior?

President Braggy McBraggyFace wants everyone to focus on his greatness, again, and I’m telling you – anybody that needs that level of constant ego-puffing is not well.


In this particular episode, Trump decided to take sole credit for a strong stock market, after being asked how he would like China to view the U.S. after his Asia trip.

From The Hill:

Trump told reporters on Air Force One that “the reason our stock market is so successful is because of me,” according to a pool report.

“I’ve always been great with money, I’ve always been great with jobs, that’s what I do. And I’ve done it well, I’ve done it really well, much better than people understand and they understand I’ve done well,” he said.

Maybe not always.

Five bankruptcies and how many failed business ventures?

Trump vodka, Trump steaks, Trump University, Trump Magazine (lasted a year before publication ended), Trump casinos, Trump Airlines, and a defaulted loan to Deutsche Bank in 2004 – not successes with money, but proof of a lot of bad business moves.

Trump’s only real, tangible success has been in promoting himself.

To be honest, I have no problem with Trump touting a strong market and/or job creation.

What I have a problem with is his pathological need to be seen as a savior. He devalues everyone in his administration. He has no humility, no grace, and is ruled by arrogance.

Time and again, history has shown the world what becomes of people who find themselves under the thumb of such dangerous narcissism in the highest offices of power, especially when it’s narcissism, coupled with delusions of such grandeur.


Sadly, so well-trained are Trump’s loyalists that to point these things out will send them scrambling for their scripts to find the proper Trumpidian response when confronted with reasonable concerns over the fitness of the man running the nation, right now.

“Fake news!”

“You must be a Hillary supporter!”

“Yeah, but what about Obama/Hillary…”



“Drain the swamp!”

“There is no Constitution… Only Trump!”

Then there are the specialty responses:

“Trump is God’s man!”

“Deep state!”

“Seth Rich!”

“Russia ain’t so bad!”

So this is where we are, as a nation. Reason and rationality are eschewed in favor of sloganeering and an abandonment to our most base, puerile instincts.

My question: If we see a downturn in the market, who gets the blame?


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