Movie Star Prank on VP Pence Displays Just How Tone Deaf Hollywood Is

Hollywood’s elite liberal class really feel they’ve got their finger on the pulse of what’s important and righteous in the world.

Please… ignore the fact that it’s a total meat market, and the sexual misconduct and abuse allegations bubbling up from the festering cesspool of stage and screen stardom becomes more noxious every day.


With each new day, the glitterati cry out, “Look at us! We are prey in our own backyards! Our inhumanity to each other is deplorable, low, and demeaning beyond words!”

That doesn’t mean they aren’t in a position to tell you how to live your lives, however.

At least, that’s the message that’s sent when obnoxious “stars” pull stunts like one that Mila Kunis, star of “That 70’s Show” and “Family Guy” boasted of on the Conan O’Brien show.

In an interview on TBS’ “Conan,” Kunis says that she set up a monthly donation to Planned Parenthood that sends Pence a letter thanking him for his donation every month.

“I disagreed with some of the stuff that Pence was doing and was trying to do,” Kunis said Thursday.

“And so, as a reminder that there are women in the world that may or may not agree with his platform, I put him on a list of reoccurring donations that are made in his name to Planned Parenthood,” she added to cheers from the audience.

She went on to add that every month, Pence’s office receives a note that informs him that a donation has been made in his name, anonymously.

Wow. How brave of her.

And while Kunis really feels she has struck a blow for what really matters to women, she’s only proved two things.

First of all, she’s proved that Planned Parenthood doesn’t need federal dollars. As long as there are bubbleheaded elitists, with more money than morals, the organization can exist on private donations.


Get them out of the pockets of the taxpayers. NOW.

Secondly, she’s a shining example of the tone deaf, utterly hypocritical nature of Hollywood. She’s proudly slamming VP Pence for his beliefs in the same week that reports of real victims, with real needs, and having lived through real horrors at the hands of other Hollywood power players is all over the news.

Why is she ignoring that? How does she feel justified playing the self-righteous warrior, while her entire industry is corrupt and dangerous?

If she or any of her ilk really wanted to be seen as the noble ones, they’d take all the money they’re giving to Planned Parenthood and make those donations to organizations that help victims of rape or sexual assault, like RAINN (Rape, Abuse, and Incest National Network).

Given the nature of her business, you’d think this would be at the forefront of her concerns.


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