For Those Who Were Wondering, Marco Rubio Had Nothing to Do with the Russia Dossier

Sen. Marco Rubio, R-Fla. speaks with reporters on Capitol Hill in Washington, Wednesday, May 17, 2017. (AP Photo/Alex Brandon)

Ok, about that Trump-Russia dossier…

The latest buzz is that the Clinton campaign paid for it. That’s not really the big deal people want you to believe it is (and by “people” I mean the Trumpidian faithful). It’s called “opposition research” and it’s pretty common. Welcome to politics.


To back up a bit further, however, the dossier was said to have originally been commissioned by one of Trump’s primary opponents, but dropped once Trump had the nomination, then scooped up by Democrats.

So who was the Republican opponent?

Back when news of the dossier first broke, I think the name that was brought up most often was Jeb Bush. He denied it, however.

Apparently, Marco Rubio is another name that has been brought up as a possibility.

Today, the Florida senator is denying any involvement.

“As far as whether it was my campaign, it wasn’t and I’ll tell you why,” Rubio told CNN. “I was running for president. I was trying to win. If I had anything against Donald Trump that was relevant and credible and politically damaging, I would’ve used it. I didn’t have it.”

Well, this makes sense.

While the initial report, as I mentioned, suggested it originated from a Republican source, the recent Washington Post report said that the Clinton campaign and DNC partially funded the research for it. Rubio seems to believe that the lack of any lines drawn back to a Republican source means it was solely on the DNC.


“I don’t know who it was,” Rubio said. “The one thing we do know, this thing about the dossier you’re discussing, all those press accounts, and I’m just going off press accounts, they all make it abundantly clear that the work that Mr. Steele did on that dossier didn’t even start until April or May or June, after the Republican primary was over. So that was the DNC, and that was the Clinton campaign.”

So far, only portions of the dossier have been substantiated.


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