Trump's Claim of Superior Compassion Is Shut Down QUICK

The morality (or sanity) of Donald J. Trump was on display again, Monday.

Correction – the lack of morality (or sanity) of Trump was on display. Again.

At what point do Trump’s loyal clingers and breathless defenders throw up their hands and say, “Ok. That’s not defensible”?


It hasn’t happened yet, but constantly bending reality, in order to see him as the American messiah has got to be exhausting.

This latest incident involved a grandiose statement of his own superior compassion, as compared to every other president in all of this nation’s history.  And while his ardent MAGA crew probably heard what was a ridiculous lie to the normal world, then rushed to stitch it on a throw pillow, the rest of us were pretty much disgusted.

I covered the original lie – that most presidents didn’t call the families of fallen soldiers – and the double down, here and here.

Trump, who has been in office all of 9 months, with half of that time spent golfing, said that he “traditionally” calls the families of those killed in action.

Traditionally. Because traditions are made in 9 months.

As a matter of fact, part of his rambling response to why he hadn’t acknowledged 4 American servicemen killed in Niger over a week ago included saying letters had been written, but not sent out.

They were killed over a week ago. He spent the past weekend on the golf course. Again.

Maybe prioritize – or is that too much to ask?

The desire to pump up his own stature brought some backlash, with former staffers of President Obama going apoplectic, as did some who know the efforts and care other presidents have put into comforting families.


Consider this lady, whose brother was killed in action during President George W. Bush’s term (and please excuse the language).

In fact, if we really want to scale the compassion shown by presidents towards our military members and their families over the past couple of decades, George W. Bush is untouchable, so the Tweeter-in-Chief may as well not try it.

Another who spoke up and pushed back against Trump’s ridiculousness was retired General Martin Dempsey, former Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff under President Obama.

“POTUS 43 & 44 and first ladies cared deeply, worked tirelessly for the serving, the fallen, and their families,” Dempsey tweeted Monday. “Not politics. Sacred Trust.”

Sacred trust.

Donald Trump has a long way to go to earn anything resembling sacred trust. He’s got an even longer haul to understand what it means.

How could he? It requires he place something or someone higher than himself.


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