Billionaire's New Ode to the Obamas Reveals How Glad They Were to be Rid of Us

Yeah, the feeling is mutual, lady.

British billionaire, Richard Branson wrote a nauseating ode to the Obamas in his new autobiography. Why… I have no idea.

In the book, he mentions the first words spoke to him by former First Lady Michelle Obama, after leaving the White House.


“We’re free!” Michelle Obama told Branson as she and her husband, former President Barack Obama, greeted the British entrepreneur ahead of a 10-day stay with him in the British Virgin Islands in January.

It’s really quite amazing.

I mean, sure, a Trump presidency presents its own problems, but knowing that after January 20, 2017 there would be no more Obama administration was absolutely exhilarating!

“We’re free” works both ways.

Branson gushed over the Obamas’ stay, saying they insisted the staff call them by their given names, and even throwing a party to show their appreciation, afterwards.

“It’s so nice to have my name back after eight years,” Michelle Obama told Branson, according to his bookFinding My Virginity.

Seriously, could she have been a more ungracious first lady?

And a little advance warning for anyone who may have entertained the notion of checking out Branson’s book: He does lapse into territory that borders on the homoerotic, a bit like most liberal men do when confronted with the form of Obama.

When speaking of the photos that made their way out to the public, and in particular, one of a smiling Obama on one of Branson’s boats:

“At the end of the thrilling kitesurfing session, he was standing shirtless at the back of the boat with an invigorated look on his face, muscles bulging and eyes beaming,” Branson wrote. “I looked at him and thought: ‘Eat your heart out, Putin!'”


Well, my puke-factor is at 11.

Also, Branson goes on to say that the former president considered himself to be the more hopeful between he and his wife. Half full versus half empty, as it were.

“While all the news coming out of the U.S. was about Trump trying to dismantle all Barack had worked so hard for, his attitude was just to get on with his life, have a well-deserved holiday and recharge ready to work,” Branson continued.

There isn’t much I’ll agree with Trump on, or that I’ll congratulate him for, but the idea that Obama apologists might actually be writhing and spitting over someone erasing every fingerprint of Obama from our government, save for what the history books tell, gives me warm, butterfly feelings in the bottom of my tummy.



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