The Liberal Rats Are Abandoning Harvey Weinstein's Ship

Hollywood lecher, Harvey Weinstein, won’t see his current troubles fade away, anytime soon.

The most recent allegation against him concerns his blocking the path of a female TV anchor and forcing her to watch as he bopped the baloney into a potted plant.


That was just one of a host of stories, centered on just how creepy this guy is.

To tell how bad his troubles are, he just lost his ambulance chasers.

Lisa Bloom, daughter to Gloria Allred and spotlight-seeker, announced on Saturday that she was out.

Bloom, like her mom, has made a career out of jumping on high profile sexual assault or harassment cases – normally on the side of the alleged victims.

Her support of Weinstein, however, put her in the position of playing for both teams.

Get a bout of conscience, did ya?

The announcement is coming after the greaseball tale of the female anchor and that poor potted plant. I guess that was a bridge too far.

It also comes a day after Weinstein’s production company, the Weinstein Company, said that he was taking a leave of absence indefinitely and that it was hiring an outside law firm to investigate claims from women who told the New York Times that he sexually harassed them and made unwanted advances.

Bloom, who has represented women who have accused former Fox News host Bill O’Reilly of sexual harassment and Bill Cosby of sexual assault, previously indicated that she was standing by her client. She said that Weinstein was receiving therapy and was “an old dinosaur learning new ways.”


Just for perspective, Weinstein is 65 years old. Bill Cosby is 80 years old.

“Harvey is not going to demean or attack any of the women making accusations against him, although he does dispute many of the allegations,” she wrote.

They all do.

If losing Bloom wasn’t enough, Lanny Davis, an attorney and crisis management expert also resigned.

And if that name sounds familiar, it’s because he served as special counsel to Bill “Slick Willie” Clinton.

That would be President Bill Clinton.

That would also be Bill “Credibly-accused-of-rape-and-other-acts-of-sexual-misconduct-against-women” Clinton.

It would almost be a catastrophe worth watching and laughing about, considering the liberal bent of all those involved.

I certainly enough watching the snakes eat themselves.

However, there are women involved and nobody has the right to impose their will on someone else that way.



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