After Inciting Feminist Fury, Quarterback Cam Newton Delivers His Mea Culpa

He’s apologized, now let it go.

On Wednesday, feminists across the country went into apoplectic fits, after Carolina Panthers quarterback, Cam Newton, seemed to diss one of their own.


In a nutshell, sports reporter Jourdan Rodrigue asked Newton about the physicality of wide receiver Devin Funchess’ route running. Newton seemed a bit surprised, and his first reaction was to smile, chuckle slightly, and say it was funny to hear a female talk about routes.

As a woman, I wasn’t offended, in the slightest.

Then again, I’m not some uptight, Gloria Steinem-muppet, 3 days into a full-on PMS rager.

Several days removed from the incident and apparently the noise has gotten to Newton – along with the loss of some sponsors – in this oh-so politically correct Bizarro world we now live in.

Newton took to Twitter to release a nearly 2 minute apology video, full of sage advice (“Don’t be me. Be better than me.”) and genuine mea culpa moments.

So can we share a Midol, in the interest of unity, and let this go now?

I hope so.


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