The Las Vegas Gunman's Financial Means May Hold the Key to Sunday's Horrors

The more that emerges about Las Vegas shooter, Stephen Paddock, the more bizarre the man seems.

Besides his personal arsenal, he apparently valued his privacy. He bought a home on the top of a hill in Mesquite, Nevada, because there were no neighbors close enough to be a pain.


That’s just the start.

The Daily Wire reports:

Speaking on the condition of anonymity, a real estate agent told CNN that Paddock said his source of income was from gambling and that he gambled “about $1 million per year.” The agent also said that Paddock paid for the 2,000-square-foot home – $369,022 – in cash.

Either he was stretching the truth or he was a most adept gambler.

I’m leaning towards his skills as a gambler, since the real estate agent said he paid such a chunk for his home in cash.

Paddock may have been irritated with the neighbors, who revolted when he put a privacy mesh around his home.

“Paddock erected a solid mesh privacy screen that blocked his neighbors’ view of his home,” CNN added. “About 20 of them signed a petition, and the homeowner’s association ordered him to take it down, neighbors said. The HOA refused to comment.”

Paddock reportedly told one his neighbors, “I don’t want to be looking at people, and I don’t want people looking at me.”


His neighbors also described him as the unfriendly sort, who didn’t wave back and seemed to have “tunnel vision.”

He owned multiple homes and neighbors there said they rarely saw him, either.

Paddock bought 33 guns in the final months of his life. The focus now is to determine if there was any major, devastating life change that would cause him to snap.

Was he in debt? Did he suddenly lose everything (except that $100,000 he sent to the Philippines the week before committing his heinous deed)?

Or was he just a psychopath?


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