WATCH: Witness Tells of Friend Next to Him Taking Three Shots to the Chest in Vegas Shooting

I can’t even begin to voice the horror that must come from standing next to a friend, hearing rapid gunshots, and then hearing the friend say, “I’m hit.”


That’s how it unfolded for Mike Cronk, a survivor of the terrifying Vegas strip shooting that is now being called the deadliest mass shooting in U.S. history, with over 50 dead and around 200 wounded.

Cronk describes the ensuring chaos, and how he, with the help of several others, got his friend out of the area.

Also, with no ambulances available, they managed to get four wounded individuals into the back of a truck and took them to the hospital on their own. Unfortunately, not all of those injured survived. Cronk tells that at least one of the injured passed away in his arms.

It’s an unfathomable horror. Continue to pray for Vegas and the victims today.



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