Among Shock and Grief, House Speaker Ryan Issues a Statement on the Las Vegas Shooting

We’ll be asking questions, debating gun laws, and fielding (mostly wrong) hot takes over the Las Vegas shooting all day, I’m afraid.

It is the nature of this current age.


Among the debate and turmoil, however, we should not forget the call to pray, and to remember those weren’t political talking points dead or injured in the dark and the chaos of the night, but real people.

House Speaker Paul Ryan has joined his voice with others expressing outrage and grief over the events.

Said Ryan:

“America woke up this morning to heartbreaking news. This evil tragedy horrifies us all. To the people of Las Vegas and to the families of the victims, we are with you during this time. The whole country stands united in our shock, in our condolences, and in our prayers.”

The Speaker has also called for Capitol flags to be flown at half mast, to recognize the victims.


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