Trump Mocks a Dying Man and His Daughter Is NOT Happy

Caricature by DonkeyHotey

Don’t mess with anybody’s mama or daddy.

It’s not good form, and it might get you knocked down.

Meghan McCain is lashing out, after an Axios report says President Trump is mocking her cancer-stricken dad, behind closed doors.


Yeah, I don’t blame you.

As far as mocking goes, it actually sounds pretty vanilla (especially when compared to Trump’s mocking of a handicapped reporter).

The president supposedly mocked McCain’s “thumbs down” vote on the Obamacare repeal bill.

I think, however, for the man’s family, any sort of mocking is going to be viewed negatively.

McCain is suffering from brain cancer and cannot lift his arms above his shoulders because of injuries he suffered as a prisoner of war in Vietnam, difficulties implied in his daughter’s tweet.

Two sources present for Trump’s meeting with conservative leaders at the White House on Monday said the president vented his frustration with McCain, who has consistently criticized Trump and twice contributed to killing GOP health care reform proposals.


None of this is hard to believe, when you consider Trump’s proven nature, and sources are not attempting to deny it. They do deny how harsh the mocking was, however.

I’ll say this: Disagree with the man’s politics. That’s fair game, but don’t attack his service to the country, and be sensitive to the fact that the man is operating under a death sentence, basically. For whatever your political disagreements, there are people who love him and they’re hurting and afraid, right now.


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