Trump Relives 2016 and Passes the Buck in Rambling Huntsville Speech

Caricature by DonkeyHotey

Among some of the other nutty rhetoric being carelessly tossed about in Huntsville, Alabama last night, Trump was still campaigning for an election that is 10 months past us.


He had some absolutely INSANE ideas about the Electoral College versus the popular vote:

“I’ve never really been in favor of it [the Electoral College], but now I appreciate it,” Trump said at a rally in Alabama for Sen. Luther Strange (R) ahead of Tuesday’s Senate GOP primary runoff.

“To me, winning the popular vote is easier, because you go to New York, you go to California, you go to Texas.”

Trump also said he’d rather have the popular vote count instead of the electoral college.

“I would rather have the popular vote count because for me, it would be easier,” Trump said.

So you think if you went to California, you would have won California?

If that were so, wouldn’t you have won the Electoral College, as well as the popular vote?

Yeah. That’s a question that doesn’t need an answer. We already know, but he was on a roll. Frankly, I wish he had, then he could finally let the issue drop.

He also claimed Hillary Clinton would take away the Second Amendment.

“If Crooked Hillary got elected, you would not have a Second Amendment, believe me. You’d be handing in your rifles,” Trump said during a campaign rally for Alabama Republican Senate candidate Luther Strange.


It takes a little more than that, but of course, for the Trump faithful, just tossing out such familiar red meat was enough to get the “Lock her up!” chants rolling.

Trump’s response?

“You got to speak to Jeff Sessions about that,” Trump said in response.

Trump allowed that nonsense to go on during the election season, only to immediately shift to: “She’s a good person. She’s suffered enough,” once he’d secured the presidency. By putting it off on Attorney General Jeff Sessions, he gets to say, “I tried, but that Jeff Sessions… what a loser!”

I long for the day when we have a president that actually sounds presidential when he speaks.

Save all the skit comedy swill for late night gabbers.

This was just too much.


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