With Trump's MAGA Kingdom Shaken, Eternal Defender Hannity Searches for Excuses

Battered wife syndrome.

That’s a thing, right?

It is, and some of the signs are the belief that the abusive partner really means well, and is doing it for “your own good.”


We could probably apply that to Sean Hannity today. He’s so deep in denial about the betrayal of Donald Trump, that while others of the loyal MAGA crew are burning their uniform caps in protest, Hannity is making excuses for working with liberal Democrats.

If not for the fact that Hannity has railed relentlessly against the so-called “establishment” wing of the Republican party for doing the very same thing, he might not seem like such a sniveling hypocrite.

On his Thursday night Fox News show, Hannity twisted himself into this bizarre place:

“What you’re watching unfold here is the failure that has literally pushed this president into the arms of Charles Schumer and Nancy Pelosi,” Hannity said on the Fox News Channel.

“Republicans in the House and Senate have zero sense of urgency, no sense of accountability. And even after promising for years and years and years they would deliver for you the American people, they have not,” he continued.

“So with Republican lawmakers not in his corner, well the president has few options. He can either wait around for Republicans to get their act together, or he can try to forge ahead on his own, and that means even reaching out to Democrats,” he said.

Except for the part about Trump’s failure to lead. He came into office relentlessly attacking his party (oddly leaving Democrats unscathed in his rants), thought he would do everything by executive order and then go on vacation for the next 3 years. When reality began to sink in, that maybe a conniving, corrupt, reality TV huckster didn’t have the chops (or intellect) to pull off the most pressure-filled, important job in the nation, he chose the path of least resistance: Just give Democrats what they want, get the media praise, sit back and let Sean Hannity defend him.


Hannity’s refusal to hold Trump accountable for multiple policy flips shouldn’t be the shock that it is. The election of Trump has been quite illuminating. If nothing else, it has proven just how slight the grip on principle is for those who have become wealthy by selling the idea of themselves as “true conservative voices.”

Not every Trump true believer is so blindly devoted, however. There are some chips and chinks appearing in the MAGA armor.

Ann Coulter has been disgruntled for some time. On Thursday, she lost it, and is now going so far as to suggest she’d cheer for Trump’s impeachment.

Even Trumpbart Breitbart got in on the disappointment.

Breitbart went as far as referring to the president as “Amnesty Don” in response to his continued dialogue on DACA with Pelosi and Schumer, after his administration announced last week the Obama-era program would be ended.

The upside is that some are showing signs of waking up.

The downside is that it’s too late. Trump is already in office.



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