Trump's 9/11 Tribute Video Really Brings The Important Things Into Focus

Remember how obnoxious and narcissistic we all thought it was when President Selfie would commemorate special events by putting the focus on himself?

For instance, in remembrance of Rosa Parks’ now-famous refusal to move to the back of the bus, a move that helped kick off the fight for racial equality in America, Obama made it about himself, by tweeting out a picture of himself (just himself) sitting on the same bus, same seat as Rosa Parks, looking wistfully out the window.


To recognize the passing of boxing great, Muhammad Ali, it was a picture of himself, with a picture of Ali behind him.

Pearl Harbor? Obama walking down steps next to the Pearl Harbor Memorial.

You get the idea.

What a relief to be past the days of narcissistic, self-absorbed leadership, right?

Oh, wait. Scratch that. We went from Obama to Donald Trump.

As the nation remembers the horrors of September 11, 2001 – a day that saw nearly 3,000 Americans murdered by terrorists and the World Trade Center towers fall – President Trump is putting his own, gilded touch to the notion of a 9/11 tribute.

In a video posted to social media, President Trump signals to all Americans what’s really important on this day.

Well, more like who is important on this day.

One hint: It’s apparently not the victims, their families, or the first responders.

Yep. You just got 44 seconds of Donald Trump commemorating the anniversary of 9/11 by showing you various images of himself.


Of all the days and all the events that would require sensitivity and selflessness from the leader of our nation, I’d say 9/11 would be that day.

And no, hashtagging #NeverForget911 to a video of nothing but your ego on display is not a legitimate or worthy tribute. We all know the hashtag was a way to get more people to watch.

I think we can pretty much give up on the idea of having a president who actually thinks of his nation, first, for awhile.


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