This is peak level frustration, and highly warranted.

A new NBC News/Survey Monkey poll suggests that voters hate everybody in Washington, right now, and it’s starting from the top and rolling downhill.


Trump stands at a 61 percent unfavorable rating, but that’s still better than House Speaker Paul Ryan at 63 percent, and Nancy Pelosi at 64 percent unfavorable.

It gets better.

Out of those three, Trump holds the highest favorability, with 36 percent favorability.

That’s 36 percent… and it’s the highest of the three.

So what about some of Trump’s positions, as of late? How did he climb atop the dung heap of D.C. to reach 36 percent favorability?

Participants were also polled about Trump’s decision last week to pardon former Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio, who was convicted of criminal contempt for refusing to stop racially profiling Latinos at traffic stops for immigration checks. According to the poll, six in 10 Americans called the pardon the wrong decision.

When it comes to immigration, Trump’s policies are underwater. Sixty-four percent of voters said they support the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) provisions that protect the children of undocumented immigrants, while just 30 percent opposed it. Trump has recently signaled that he will likely end the DACA program.


I seriously believe people are just tired and don’t have the will to keep fighting for some of these issues.

We’ve been pushing against each other, for too long.

As for the two major parties doing all the pushing, it appears people think they both suck, but Republicans suck a little more.

Democrats are viewed by 54 percent of the poll’s respondents in an unfavorable light, while Republicans are viewed unfavorably by 61 percent.

This was a pretty massive poll, with 10,129 adult respondents. It was conducted online from August 24 to August 29, and with that many respondents, there’s only a 1.4 percent margin of error.


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