BREAKING: Columbus Statue Found Beheaded in Yonkers

This has reached epic levels of despicable.

Not only are Confederate monuments under attack, but any monument that might bear some vestige of American history deemed offensive by anarchists and the run-of-the-mill disrespectful, barely literate thugs is also a target.


In Yonkers, New York a Christopher Columbus statue has been found beheaded by a citizen named Pat Gamberdella.

“It’s very upsetting that American values have sunken to the level they are today,” Gamberdella told NBC. “It’s unfortunate because I did go up there and I did see it all smashed.”

Law enforcement is reportedly looking into the matter, which comes as Confederate monuments and statues are under renewed scruinty following the attack at a Charlottesville, Va. rally that left one counter-protester dead and numerous others injured. The white nationalist rally, titled “United the Right,” was meant as a protest of the removal of a statue of Confederate Gen. Robert E. Lee.

Another Columbus statue was smashed in Baltimore, Maryland last week.

New York City’s reprehensible mayor, Bill de Blasio, has formed a commission to consider taking down, among other monuments, a statue of Columbus that stands in New York City.


So what is offensive about Christopher Columbus?

He wasn’t even American, so the Hate-our-home groups can’t claim that. There wasn’t a United States, at least, by the standards of what we now know as our nation, then for the anarchist weasels to hate.

He was a 15th century explorer, on a mission to discover a new world, commissioned by Spain. He came across America in his travels and the rest is, apparently, uncomfortable history.

We are in a really sick place in our history. It’s time to call it as it is: If you’re destroying historical monuments, using violent means to force your worldview on fellow citizens, how are you different than ISIS?


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