Post-Fight Wrap Up: Mayweather And McGregor Have Their Say (VIDEO)

The boxing world has been lacking in larger-than-life personalities and the big money draws of the past.

It’s not that they don’t exist, or that Floyd Mayweather, himself, is not a big name. He is. Other than his fights against former champion, Manny Pacquiao, there just haven’t been enough bouts or enough stories in the boxing world to really get fans excited or bookies salivating.


When the trash talk between he and mixed martial artist, Conor McGregor began, and all the talk of a potential cross-over matchup, that began to change.

McGregor is a larger-than-life personality in his field. He’s outspoken, outrageous, and has the kind of personality that makes you love to hate him – but you just can’t quit him.

When the long awaited boxing match was announced, there were many who said McGregor would be out of his element (I was one of them). Boxing and MMA are two very different disciplines. McGregor had never boxed before. This would be his first match, and he’d be going against a man who is considered (arguably) to be the best pound-for-pound fighter to step in the squared ring.

McGregor, however, shocked more than a few in the boxing world.

No, he didn’t win. Those who felt he’d be out of his element were right, for most part. Mayweather was a tactician, waiting, biding his time, keeping it clean, throughout. By the time the tenth round rolled around, McGregor, who, as an MMA fighter, is used to much shorter matches, just didn’t have the stamina to continue. He hit a wall and it was showing.


Referee Robert Byrd (not that Robert Byrd) stepped in and stopped a wobbly McGregor from sustaining any more damage, giving Mayweather a TKO win.

In the post-fight interview, both men showed a lot more appreciation and respect for each other than they did in the lead up to the big money match, which earned upwards of $100 million for Mayweather, and a reported $30 million for McGregor.

I always like watching the post-fight interviews. They always seem more honest than the pre-fight hype. This was no different.

I present it to you for your Sunday afternoon consideration.

Several things to note: Why those uncomfortable looking ladies are there, I have no idea and it makes no sense.

And Conor McGregor’s suit… is fabulous!



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