Flake Challenger Warns Against Attempts To Primary Trump In 2020

In this Tuesday, Aug. 2, 2016 photo, former Republican state Sen. Kelli Ward, right, who is running against current incumbent Arizona Sen. John McCain in the Arizona Republican primary, talks to voters at a campaign rally for Mike Pence, the Republican vice-presidential candidate, in Phoenix. Ward, who lags in the polls, has mounted an aggressive primary challenge to McCain, who turned 80 on Monday, Aug. 29. Arizona's primary election is on Tuesday, Aug. 30. (AP Photo/Ross D. Franklin)

Arizona Senator Jeff Flake’s primary challenger, Kelli Ward, took to Fox News on Sunday to do a bit of desperate cheerleading and to pander to the Trump base.

She used the usual catch-phrases, like “establishment-wing” and “America first,” conveniently leaving out the parts about how Trump has surrounded himself with establishment types and recently backed Mitch McConnell’s pick for Jeff Sessions’ vacant senate seat.


“I think President Trump and his leadership is what the country wanted — that’s why he’s in the White House — and I think he’s got lofty goals that we should accomplish that will put America first,” Kelli Ward told Fox News’s Maria Bartiromo on “Sunday Morning Futures.”

Well, part of the country wanted it.

But part of the country believe chemtrails are an actual thing.

Ward’s comments were in response to the rumor that Ohio Governor John Kasich and Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper were both considering a challenge to Trump in 2020.

Hickenlooper has already dismissed the idea, but anybody that doesn’t think John Kasich isn’t planning to try it again in 2020 has not been paying attention.

That guy’s never going away.

Flake said last Thursday that Trump is “inviting” a 2020 challenger because he is paying too much attention to appealing to his base.

Which is true.

Ward called any attempts to primary Trump in 2020 a “mistake” by the establishment wing of the party.

It’s the establishment wing of the party that ran block for Trump and prevented delegates from stopping his nomination at the Republican National Convention in July 2016.


If Trump is challenged, it will likely be conservatives that step up and try to save us from this charade.

Trump’s approval numbers are in the gutter. It may be a case where either convincing Trump to step down or presenting a primary challenger is the only way to stop the rest of the party from bottoming out with him.

Then there will always be people like Ward, who’ll cling to Trump’s back, even as he’s sinking, mainly because she sees something in it for herself.

In which case, she gets what she deserves.


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