WATCH: New McConnell Super Pac Ad Pounds Flake Opponent Kelli Ward's "Crazy Ideas"

A super PAC aligned with Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has released an ad that blasts Arizona Senator Jeff Flake’s primary opponent, Kelli Ward, ahead of President Trump’s Phoenix rally on Tuesday.


Trump, possibly angered by Senator Flake’s criticism, has expressed support of Ward’s primary challenge, recently.

Ward’s last stab at a seat with the U.S. Senate ended in defeat to incumbent Senator John McCain. When Senator McCain’s diagnosis of brain cancer was announced, Ward drew criticism for a radio interview on the same day, where she expressed that she hoped to be appointed to his empty seat (He hasn’t left, yet).

The new ad is pretty harsh, criticizing Ward for a host of nuttiness.

The ad criticizes Ward for convening a hearing where Arizonans spoke about their concerns on “chemtrails,” emissions left by aircrafts as they fly through the sky. Some believe, without evidence, that the planes are spraying secret chemicals into the air for nefarious purposes, but scientists have repeatedly noted the harmless trails are created by condensation.

That’s condensation – not chemtrails.

Plug in “chemtrails” in a YouTube search and you’ll find a long list of videos of people spraying vinegar into the sky with spray bottles, because some internet site said that spraying vinegar in the air counteracts the effects of the chemtrails.

You’ll also see a lot of backyards with dead, brown spots where grass should be growing.

Ward’s decision to hold that hearing has led to attacks that have long dogged her political bids. She’s since said she does not believe in the theory but wanted to provide a forum for her constituents who did and has accused her opponents of using the issue to unfairly tar her as a distraction.


That’s a convenient out – I believed it then, but I’m sane now.

The ad goes on to say:

“‘Chemtrail’ Kelli has got her head in the clouds with crazy ideas,” the ad’s narrator says, playing clips of Ward accusing McCain for being “directly responsible for the rise of ISIS.”

“Embarrassing behavior, dangerous ideas. No wonder Republicans rejected her just one year ago,” the ad’s narrator says.

“‘Chemtrail’ Kelli Ward. Not conservative, just crazy ideas.”

How Ward fares against Senator Flake may come down to Flake’s popularity in the state, rather than Flake’s conservative credentials, as some have suggested.

Arizona is a state John McCain has won repeatedly, and Flake, though not a thoroughbred conservative, could arguably be considered more so than McCain.

Ward, on the other hand, has aligned herself firmly with Trump’s base support, in contrast to Flake’s outspoken opposition to much of what Trump says and does.

If Trump endorses Ward over Flake tonight in Phoenix, it will send a strong message to other Republicans: Speak out against the president, you will be primaried.


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