In Early Morning Tweet, President Trump Takes Aim at Arizona Senate Election

Enemies lists?

Before the 2016 election and since, Arizona Senator Jeff Flake has not been shy about calling out Donald Trump. For a man of Trump’s emotional fragility, that’s a problem.


Using language far tougher than he used to condemn the white nationalists in Charlottesville, the president hit Twitter Thursday morning to call out Flake and praise his opponent, Kelli Ward.

Ward most previously lost in her bid to unseat Senator John McCain. When McCain’s cancer diagnosis was revealed, she stood on the sidelines and yelled, “HEY, CAN I HAVE YOUR STUFF WHEN YOU’RE GONE?”

What she actually did was say she hoped to be assigned to his soon-to-be empty seat.

So far, McCain hasn’t stepped down, preferring to work as long as his condition allows.

Challenging Flake is Ward’s next attempt to get to the Senate, and for Trump, she would be the ally he doesn’t currently have with either Arizona senator.

Senator Flake has been busy promoting his new book, “Conscience of a Conservative,” and while some might question Flake’s actual conservative credentials, at least he’s not a lifelong Democrat donor.


The book is a call to conservatives to stand up to Donald Trump, something too many in the Republican party have shown no will to do.

Flake most recently joined the chorus of Republican lawmakers who seemed to be calling out the president for not forcefully condemning the white nationalists in Charlottesville this past weekend.

The Trump backers will likely step up the money game to defeat Flake in 2018, but ultimately, it will be the people of Arizona who make the final decision.


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