New WaPo Poll Reveals Shocking New Attitudes Towards This Free Republic

This is a deterioration of patriotic principle that has invaded the right, so take note.

The results of a recent poll conducted by the Washington Post with 1,325 Americans responding showed that 52 percent of Republicans polled would support postponing the 2020 election if Trump suggested it.


I don’t know where these people were who were polled, but that is a depressing number.


If Trump and congressional Republicans proposed postponing the election to ensure only eligible citizens could vote, support from Republicans rises to 56 percent.

Pollsters found 47 percent of Republicans think Trump won the popular vote.


Major Kudos to the first politician, revolutionary, or reality TV host that can get to the people and convince them that monarchies are not cool. Our founding fathers set up this free republic, precisely because they did not want a single man or his entitled family decreeing to the people what their rights were, or creating policy, based on his whims.

Also, 68 percent of Republicans polled believe “millions” of illegal immigrants voted in the 2016 election, with another 73 percent believing voter fraud happens somewhat or very often.

We know voter fraud happens. There have been far too many reported incidents to deny it. I’m from North Carolina, so I’m completely convinced it happens. How much, however, I’m not sure.


One point to note in this particular poll, which was conducted from June 5 to June 20, is that of the 1,325 respondents, 650 identified as Republican, and those were the focus of the survey.

I want to believe that if you take those 650 Republicans polled, break away those who actually believe Donald Trump should be able to exert his will over our system of government in a way that no other president would have ever been allowed, then blend them back into the broader pool of voters, that they are very much in the minority.

I want to believe that.


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